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Ep. 15 - Cyborgs!
February 18, 2013 06:26 PM PST
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It's the cyborg episode! Be sure to check us out at:


Or twitter @BeastDuels

Or send us an email for questions or comments BeastDuels@gmail.com

00:34 Cyborgs: the gang compare cyborgs with robots, and why would anyone not join cyborgs in their war against mankind. Also, Beast Duels Radio Hour does not endorse murder.

10:16 Robocop vs. Many other famous movie cops.

16:47 Top 5 Cyborgs Ever: The Gang talk the best cyborgs in movies, cartoons, video games, books and TV.

Ep. 14 - Dragons!
February 11, 2013 08:05 PM PST
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Grab your flame-retardant suits, because this week we tackle dragons. Music this week is brought to you by Radio Pictures (cdbaby.com/m/artist/RadioPictures)

00:30 Meet the Beast: The Gang talk dragons, Themos gets metaphysical, Kyle is a dragon but dislikes the Khaleesi.

9:16 Beast Duel: Dragon vs. T-1000. Bonus duel where Nick and Cir get sacrelicious.

15:20 Top 5 Mythic Figures Ever: Themos gets excited about Sea Serpents and the gang talk about Russian music videos.

43:24 Outtakes


Ep. 13 - Sharks!
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February 04, 2013 02:58 PM PST
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It's Shark Week on the Beast Duels Radio Hour. Join hosts Nick, Kyle and Cir as they talk about the most ferocious creature to pee out of its skin.

As always, check out the show @BeastDuels, email BeastDuels@gmail.com or find us on Facebook and subscribe on iTunes.

00:46 Meet the Beast: The Gang talk shark movies both good and bad, revisit Adam West's Batman, talk the scariest shark possible and again offend Mrs. Dreyfus.

13:02 Beast Duel: Jaws vs. Moby Dick. The epic movie shark takes on the epic novel whale in a theoretical battle to the death, the Jaws from James Bond shows up, and

19:39 Top 5 Water Scenes Ever: We spoil Winter's Bone which doesn't have ponies or rainbows, talk some more shark flicks and cover perhaps the greatest comedy of all time.

44:31 Outtakes

Ep. 12 - Evil Children!
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January 28, 2013 03:14 PM PST
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Keep it wrapped up, because it's the Beast Duels Radio Hour episode about evil children!

As always, send feedback and questions to beastDuels@gmail.com and follow us at facebook.com/BeastDuelsRadioHour. And you can of course subscribe on iTunes, if you're nasty.

00:41 Meet the Beast: The Gang welcome back special guest Eva talk bad seeds, and why they're so scary.

13:21 Beast Duel: The Gang are split on their ability to take on 100 5-year olds.

22:29 Top 5 Movies You'll Make Your Kids Watch: We get a little nostalgic with our favorite films from our childhood, with a little accidental dose of movies with demon-possessed kids.

Ep. 11 - Femme Fatales!
January 21, 2013 02:52 PM PST
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Hey listeners, be sure to follow us on facebook.com/BeastDuelsRadioHour and @BeastDuelsRadio on Twitter.

Meet the Beast: The Gang welcome special guest Eva to discuss femme fatales ranging from the Bible to Brick, with a healthy dose of Noir to boot.

Beast Duel: The Gang discuss an epic battle between two of the most badass ladies of all time, Ellen Ripley vs. Sarah Connor

Top Five Evil Women: From horror and noir to Bond girls and for some reason romantic comedies, the Gang discuss their picks for the 5 most evil women in film.

Best of 2012!
January 14, 2013 03:15 PM PST
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Join us for our 2012 Year in Review episode. Nick gets cranky about the lack of Wes Anderson love, Cir teams up with the Avengers, Mike talks underrated movies, and special guest Ian spoils Django for Kyle.

Top 10 Movies Made in Our Lifetime, Part 3
January 07, 2013 09:55 AM PST
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It's the moment you've all been waiting for... our Top 10 Movies Made in Our Lifetime! Try to stay calm and enjoy, as we talk about some Best Picture winners, some snubs, and of course the 1979 classic Roller Boogie.

As always, check us out at facebook.com/BeastDuelsRadioHour and twitter @beastDuelsRadio. And email us at beastDuels@gmail.com

Top 10 Movies Made in Our Lifetime, Part 2
January 04, 2013 05:14 AM PST
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It's part two of our epic 3 part series on the top 10 movies made in our lifetime! Get excited, because we're talking about some great flicks. And be sure to subscribe to iTunes and follow us at facebook.com/BeastDuelsRadioHour for future episodes.

Top 10 Movies Made in Our Lifetime, Part 1
December 30, 2012 05:47 PM PST
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It's our end of the year spectacular, where we voted on the top movies that were made in our lifetimes. Join us as we start the count down in part 1 of 3. And keep an eye out for Themos' review of one of the worst movies Netflix has to offer, the Insane Clown Posse's film Death Racers

Ep. 10 - Slashers!
December 17, 2012 04:19 PM PST
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00:00 Meet the Beast: The Gang talk slasher movies, Nightmare on Elm Street is terribly edited, and we improve on DW Griffiths' Birth of a Nation.

23:49 Trailer Review: Django Unchained

34:04 Beast Duel: Freddy vs. Jason, Michael Myers vs. Mike Myers. Kyle reminds us of Austin Powers' special powers.

42:36 Top 5 Movie Murders: Nick's strict upbringing prevents movie discussion, Cir throws out accusations at Case Affleck, and the gang show off their lack-of-English-Degrees.

1:28:27 Outtakes: Kyle sings the Thermos Song, Lauren Hill is the best Fugee, stand-up comedy talk, and Elmo drama.

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